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Is a will from New York recognized in Florida?


Yes it will be.  Under the full faith and credit provisions of the US Constitution, a will validly executed in one state is recognized by Florida State. But the law in Florida law is different than that of New York.  I’d want to look at the will to know for sure if the difference in laws would affect any provisions of the will. There may be other steps that need to be done to have the will admitted in a probate court.  Is it your will, or someone else’s?  If it’s not yours, is it the will of someone who has passed?  If you need to set up an estate or establish a probate action in order to allow the provisions of the will to be effectuated, come see me, and I can set that up for you.  If it’s your own will, we should still meet, as maybe there are modifications you might want, or maybe additional concerns I can address, such as a living will or a trust.  If you don’t have a will, then definitely come see me and I can make one for you.

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