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Dissolution of Marriage

Posted By: Thomas M Eross


I was married in 1986 while in the military. My wife was a friend, and needed a cover for her family because she was gay.  We got married and never lived together or consimated the marriage.  We have since lost contact, and now I need to end this marriage problem. What are my options?


I would advise you to hire an attorney to file for a Dissolution of Marriage.  Obviously children are not involved, but do you and your wife own property together?  Depending on your answer to my question, you may be able to file for a Simplified Divorce.  This option is quicker and less expensive than normal divorce procedures.

It looks like your case is right up my alley, and I would like to meet you.  Please call my assistant, Destiny, at (954) 570-6757, to schedule a meeting at my office.  Needless to say, there is no charge to you for this meeting.  I hope we meet soon to discuss you case further.

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