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What are our chances of getting our money back from a travel agency that booked us into hotels through a third party making our reservations non-refundable? The airlines were cancelled so it was impossible to get to our destination. We called the travel agency telling them to cancel our hotels and that we were going home. We were never told that our reservations were non-refundable


It’s somewhat hard to answer that question without looking at all of the information and any agreements that might be in place but from a back of the envelope calculation, the chances of you being able to get your money back might be slim in your case. While you might not have been told verbally that your reservations were non-refundable, you might be bound by some sort of written agreement.

Having said that, it might be worthwhile to review what exactly your travel agent or hotel mean by non-refundable. Sometimes non-refundable just means they won’t give you your money back just because you changed your might but Acts of Nature, such as the snowstorms that recently cancelled flights, are reason enough to cancel your “non-refundable” reservations. Also a lot of hotels and other service industries that might make their reservations “non-refundable” but are more than happy to give you vouchers or transfer your reservation to a later date. It might just be a matter of calling your travel agent or the hotels, letting them know what happened and trying to work things out with them.

I hope that addresses some of your concerns and if you have any follow-up questions or would like to discuss any other legal issue with me, please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call.

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