Our Attorneys

The Ticktin Law Group focuses primarily on business law, but our attorneys extend our service in accordance with their varied experience. Click on their photos to view individual biographies.

Peter Ticktin

Peter Ticktin, Esq.

Jamie Sasson

Jamie A. Sasson, Esq.

Michael Vater

Michael Vater, Esq.

Kendrick Almaguer

Kendrick Almaguer, Esq.

Thomas Eross Jr

Thomas Eross Jr., Esq.

Grant J. Skolnick

Grant J. Skolnick, Esq.

Julius Adams

Julius Adams, Esq.

Kyle M. Costello

Kyle M. Costello, Esq.

Samuel Korab

Samuel Korab, Esq.

Jackson B. De Souze

Jackson B. De Souza, Esq.

Mark L. Balsom

Mark L. Balsom, Esq.

Chezare Palacios, Esq.

Chezare Palacios, Esq.