Our Attorneys

The Ticktin Law Group focuses primarily on business law, but our attorneys extend our service in accordance with their varied experience. Our lawyers are all told on hire that The Ticktin Law Group endeavors to live up to the ideals of the new lawyers who first graduate from law school. Most law students had dreams of becoming a lawyer before they started law school. They never imagined the pressures on them to exaggerate billing, to have a witness lie, to get nasty to opposing counsel or a judge. Unfortunately, these dreams are often dashed by the realities of the real world in many law firms. We maintain a level of professionalism and the pride which goes with it where we are unfaltering, as any deviation from our norm would stand out with repugnance.

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Peter Ticktin

Peter Ticktin, Esq.

Jamie Sasson

Jamie A. Sasson, Esq.

Jackson B. De Souza, Esq.

Jackson B. De Souza, Esq.

TTLG Attorney Michael Vater

Michael Vater, Esq.

Grant J. Skolnick

Grant J. Skolnick, Esq.

Sam Korab

Sam Korab, Esq.

Julius Adams

Julius Adams, Esq.

Kendrick Almaguer, Esq.

Kendrick Almaguer, Esq.

Thomas Eross Jr

Thomas Eross Jr., Esq.

Brittani S. Gross, Esq.

Mark L. Balsom, Esq.

Sam Korab

Kyle M. Costello, Esq.