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Ticktin Minute June 20, 2016 – Another Big Win for Ticktin and TTLG Sports and Entertainment Representation


Bruce Burk Hones Foreclosure Defense Strategy with Another Big Win for The Ticktin Law Group

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – The old adage about the devil being in the details could not be more true as TTLG attorney, Bruce Burk racks up another foreclosure dismissal. “Prove it” was the clear message sent to banks across the state this week as the Ticktin Law Group attorney was able once again, to prove through research and persistence that a bank did not have the proper documentation and therefor no legal authority to foreclose on our client’s property. In what is called a “Lost Note” dismissal, Burk was able to force the bank to admit that they did not, in fact, have all the proper documentation to pursue foreclosure in this case. If you find yourself facing foreclosure, it pays to have an attorney on your side who won’t just tread water until a bank offers a loan modification, but will fight continually for your rights and always act in your interest.


Many professional athletes and celebrities have agents, but do they also need good legal representation?

Do You Need Legal Representation if You Already Have an Agent?

There is a common and somewhat widespread misunderstanding in regards to how professional agents and representation works, especially where celebrities and sports athletes are concerned. It is true that the overwhelming majority of professional athletes and celebrities in general have some form of primary representation, but what is often less considered until it is too late is what happens when that limelight begins to fade and the job offers requiring top level agency become fewer and further between. This week’s blog from TTLG attorney, Michael Vater, discusses how a strong legal team may work to protect its client both during and after this transition.

The answer to a question that is often asked is “yes,” most professional athletes do have an agent who assists in locating work. But when those big jobs turn into smaller and smaller affairs, that is when comprehensive legal representation becomes necessary to enforce agreements or develop a plan to get them out of a bad situation.

As a sports and entertainment attorney, I have been involved in several instances ensuring that professional contracts are adhered to, and making sure that our clients are not taken advantage of by corporations or mistreated by an opposing party. Unfortunately, like many things in life, waiting to take action to protect yourself or your interests may lead to a more complicated or unfavorable resolution to your situation so we always encourage those who may find themselves facing these situations to contact an attorney as quickly as possible.

Having a dream team of lawyers that can help protect your interests and rights regarding public appearances, television and film is not only welcomed, but expected as a client attains a certain status within the public eye. What is less realized or spoken of is that as an individual’s celebrity begins to wane in earnest, far too many may find themselves on the wrong side of a business deal with nowhere to turn to in order to protect themselves and their interests against those who would seek to profit and exploit their circumstances for personal or professional gain.

At The Ticktin Law Group, our attorneys understand the complexities with promotional endorsement contracts as well as television and film contracts. Whether you are starring in your fifth summer blockbuster or thousandth sports convention appearance, the attorneys at the Ticktin Law Group ALWAYS put the interests of the client first. If you or someone you know are a professional athlete or celebrity that finds yourself in a compromising situation or deal, send as an email or give us a call and get our team of accomplished attorneys in the corner fighting for you.


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Ticktin Minute June 13, 2016 – How an Attorney Can Guide Your Amateur Athlete


How an Attorney Can Guide Your Amateur Athlete

By Michael Vater

While attending the University of Notre Dame, I had the pleasure of rooming during multiple years with members of the Notre Dame Hockey team. Many members of the team had advisors who assisted their families and the athletes with making decisions that would affect their future pro aspirations. The use of a “player advisor” or “family advisor” is not only permitted by the NCAA but is often encouraged at seminars to assist with ensuring the athletes remain eligible.

The use of family advisors is particularly timely, as Major League Baseball began its 2016 MLB Draft last Wednesday. Some will have to make a tough decision as to whether to turn pro or continue on their journey by playing in junior college or a four year institution. MLB rules permit players to be drafted at three times in their lifetime: at the conclusion of high school, at the conclusion of their junior year of college, and the conclusion of their senior year. The athlete must also attend a school in the United States.

Over 1500 athletes are drafted during this week by professional teams from around the country. Of that group, many of those drafted will choose to turn down the opportunity to play pro ball this summer and continue their dreams of playing in college. During this particularly exciting time for young athletes, it is important to remember that by hiring an agent, the athlete could lose his or her amateur status, or worse, face sanctions including the loss of valuable experience and exposure by facing suspension. Another trap these talented amateurs must also seek to avoid would be to engage in any kind of relationship with an agent or representative who offer side deals or loans against future earnings. In some cases, these interactions have lead directly to situations where they were later threatened into unfair contracts or negotiations by these same individuals.

This week a great referral for The Ticktin Law Group is someone who’s child is in high school or college looking to make sure sound decisions are made to protect the future of the athlete. At The Ticktin Law Group our experienced attorneys will be able to ensure that the athlete does not risk his or her amateur status.

Unfortunately, there have been a series of well publicized missteps by collegiate and high school athletes that have cost millions of dollars simply as a result of following incomplete or bad advice from unscrupulous or inexperienced advisors. As attorneys, we understand the laws and regulations surrounding amateurism. It is important to note: there is little regulation in the world of family advisors. Be wary of individuals or advisors with dubious or unclear ties to the sport your athlete is pursuing and be certain to fully vet and interview all potential advisors before choosing to accept or follow their instruction or tutelage.

Family advisors can help the high school hockey player determine whether it would be best to continue his career in one of the Canadian Junior Leagues or the American NCAA College System. Family advisors are also commonly encouraged for athletes pursuing their dreams in football, baseball, basketball as well as a myriad of other professional sports and activities.

If you are seeking guidance for yourself or a family member, please email or call us right away. We are here to help. As attorneys, we are not just legal practitioners, we are also counselors on the law.

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Ticktin Minute May 30, 2016 – Attorneys Bruce Burk and Michael Vater Continue Tradition of Success at Ticktin

Bruce Burk Notches Another Big Foreclosure Win for The Ticktin Law Group

WEST PALM BEACH – As the big banks continue to pursue foreclosures at an alarming rate, the Ticktin Law Group Attorney, Bruce Burk, proved once again that he has what it takes to protect our client’s property in the face of a looming foreclosure. The case ultimately was dismissed after Burk was able to successfully prove to the court that the Bank did not have the legal right to begin foreclosure proceedings against our client since it was not in possession of the loan paperwork for the property in question. Despite this, the Bank sought to bypass this important requirement by claiming that it was simply lost or misplaced, while still maintaining that they had the legal right to forclose. Mr. Burk was able to counter this by successfully arguing to the court that if the Bank did not have the note in their actual possession, they had no legal authority or standing to pursue this case against our client.

Successful Casting for TTLG Client’s Fine Art Exhibition in France


WEST PALM BEACH – Recently, Entertainment Law division attorney, Michael Vater was retained to aid in the hiring of a series of fine art models for a gallery exhibition to be held in France by one of our clients. By examining the network of models previously hired by the firm for previous projects, Mr. Vater was able to both quickly aid the client in their search as well as to employ cost-effective strategies to help bring the total expenditure by the client in at a fraction of the originally projected price. Mr. Vater’s exceptional solution for his client not only demonstrated his ability to find solutions for his clients, regardless of which side of the Atlantic they may need assistance.

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Hiring Quality Talent for Film Producer

Recently, attorney Michael Vater and the Ticktin Law Group Entertainment Law Division were requested to assist with hiring actors for a national film project.

The project required talent that was committed, reliable, and able to memorize scripts. Michael was able to successfully hire multiple actors from some of the top acting programs in the country for this project.

Hiring an attorney for any project where a company is hiring is the type of proactive lawyering that is practiced at The Ticktin Law Group. We establish game plans to help our clients meet their goals, while at the same time protecting our clients’ interests.

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Successful Negotiation Leads to Increase in Actors for Television Commercials

Last week, Attorney Michael Vater was able to successfully negotiate multiple actor contracts on behalf of one of our clients who was shooting a series of new television commercials in Florida.

Michael was able to keep the cost per actor low enough to allow our client to increase the amount of actors who would appear in the commercials to double our client’s original budgeting.

At the Entertainment Law Division of The Ticktin Law Group, we represent production companies, studios, and corporations that need to hire talent and help to keep their costs reasonable and meet their goals of hiring reliable, driven talent.

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