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Ticktin Minute August 15, 2016 – Important New Changes to the Employee Overtime Compensation Rules

Important New Changes to the Employee Overtime Compensation Rules

Important new changes to the employee overtime compensation rules will become effective later this year. The Florida Department of Labor, pursuant to changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act, issued new overtime regulations employers must follow for certain salaried employees. These regulations will go into effect on December 1, 2016 and will affect hundreds of thousands of workers in the State of Florida.

As a brief overview, the previous law (current law) on employee overtime compensation states that most salaried employees are not entitled to compensation for overtime performed outside of their regular forty (40) hour week, unless that employee meets the “salary basis test.” Specifically, workers receiving more than $23,660.00 per year are considered exempt employees who are not entitled to overtime pay. With the new overtime rules, workers making more than $47,476.00 will be considered exempt employees. The minimum salary requirement (salary basis test) for exemption was increased by nearly $25,000.00. This threshold is based on the standard salary level at the 40th percentile of earnings of full-time salaried workers in the lowest-wage Census Region, which is currently the South.

Further, certain categories of employees are excluded from the “salary basis test.” One such category includes professionals, such as lawyers. However, managers will now have to make at least $47,476.00 in order to remain exempt from overtime compensation requirements. One way an employer can ensure that an employee (such as a manager) remains exempt is to raise their salary to $47,476.00. However, this may not be financially feasible in all cases. There are other alternatives on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, the new rule will be in effect for three (3) years. In year 2020, the overtime regulations may stay the same or may be revised in accordance with the economy and job statistics at that time.

If you have any questions regarding the new rules, then you should contact the attorneys of The Ticktin Law Group for a free consultation to determine your rights and/or obligations under the new law.

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Managing Partner Gets Case Dismissed

Our Managing Partner, Jamie Sasson, successfully resolved a lawsuit on behalf of one of our clients.

Our client owned and operated a shuttle company between airports. A former employee sued our client for unpaid overtime and improper payments.

Jamie was able to get the former employee to dismiss the overtime claim, and resolved the issue of improper payments in our client’s favor.

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TTLG Featured In Treasure Coast Newspaper In Regard To Case Against G4S Secure Solutions

The Ticktin Law Group was featured on the news in connection with a case in which we represent two guards who were fired for doing the right thing.

Our clients were security guards at Martin County Girls Academy, run by G4S Secure Solutions, which hosts a program for female juvenile offenders. Our clients became suspicious that one of the guards was involved in an illegal sexual relationship with one of the minor detainees. When our clients reported their suspicions to management, they were fired, and the incident was covered up.

Now our clients are suing to get their jobs back, and to ensure the Academy and its managing company do not cover up such incidents in the future.

To read the news article, click here.

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Managing Partner Settles Employment Lawsuit Against Major Company

Managing Partner Jamie Sasson settled a case in which we represented a client who was fired by a major corporation based on what it alleged was poor performance. However, our client claimed that he was discriminated against and unlawfully terminated due to his ethnicity and religion.

After two years of litigation, The Ticktin Law Group was able to settle the matter before trial, and the client was compensated for the unlawful actions taken against him by his former employer.

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Win in Federal Court in Employment Law Case

Recently, attorney Michael Vater successfully obtained a final judgment on behalf of one of the TTLG employment law clients in West Palm Beach, in the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida.

In this case, the Client’s Former Employer made numerous promises regarding paying the employee; however, the former employer failed to pay even the most basic wages to the employee. Michael successfully argued that the employee was not only entitled to past wages, but also entitled to liquidated damages of 1.5 times the amount owed.

At the Final Hearing, Michael was awarded the entire amount of damages on behalf of our client.

Remember, for Employment Law Issues, contact The Ticktin Law Group!

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