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How Your Actions (or Lack thereof) Can Affect Your Award “In law, nothing is certain but the expense.” ― Samuel Butler There is more to the story of what your particular injury is worth in the world of personal injury… namely, how your actions, or inactions, affect the total value. The two key points I […]

The ability of a lender to foreclose on a residential or commercial property generally stems from the original mortgage document and promissory note signed by a purchaser of property in favor of a lender. The original mortgage document and promissory note is typically used as the catalyst for a foreclosure. Or, in some circumstances, a lender […]

How Insurance Adjusters Value Your Claim “A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.” ― Yogi Berra Let’s start with the concept of “specials.” At the end of a claim, the insurance adjustor will add up all of your medical bills, whether they have been paid or not. The grand total of your medical bills is […]

Commercial foreclosure is similar to residential foreclosure, except that the property secured by the mortgage is owned by a business or commercial enterprise. Commercial foreclosure occurs when the business owner defaults on their mortgage with the bank and the bank institutes proceedings to foreclosure on their lien against the property. The owner of the property […]

What Your Claim is Worth “If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.” ― Benjamin Franklin Whenever I sign up a new client, he or she at some point will invariably ask me how much money his or her claim is worth. I always tell them the same thing […]

Foreclosure is the process by which a bank initiates a legal process to take possession of real estate property that has been voluntarily mortgaged. Typically, foreclosure is triggered when the property owner, or mortgagee, misses one or more mortgage payments. Commercial properties, owned by businesses, are not sheltered from the possibility of foreclosure. Commercial foreclosure […]

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