The Ticktin Minute September 11, 2017 – Property Damage – Tips on What to do in the Aftermath

Property Damage – Tips on What to do in the Aftermath

When a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Irma, occurs it is hard to know what to do first after the destruction has been done. Property damage is one of the most common consequences of hurricanes, tornados and other similar natural disasters. It is important to know that you have right to make a claim and receive a payout pursuant to your homeowner’s insurance policy and those rights can be enforced by knowledgeable property damage claim attorneys and advocates.

Preparing to make a claim requires a multitude of steps, which everyone should be aware of. The first step after the hurricane passes, and only when it is safe to do so, is to assess the damages. Make sure to take many photos of any damage(s) that has been done and document that damage thoroughly. For instance, if a tree fell from a neighbors yard, be sure to take that neighbors information down for your records.

Any breaches should be mitigated. For instance, if your roof is damaged, don’t allow the water to accumulate and flood your home. You must mitigate your damages. Once mitigation is complete, you should compile an inventory of the assets you own that have been damaged (including names, brands, age and cost). If you have receipts for such property, it is prudent to keep such receipts in a safe and dry place. Next, you should obtain an estimate of the cost to repair the damages from a licensed general contractor or public adjuster. Sometimes, it is prudent to obtain multiple quotes in the case of large losses.

Further, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to cap the amount of insurance proceeds that they will pay to an insured and/or not pay the policy, in its entirety. In fact, if insurance companies paid every claim, then they would all go out of business! If your insurance company denies any or all of your property damage claim, make sure you reach out to a law firm who is experienced in dealing with insurance companies, such as The Ticktin Law Group, to ensure that you are paid the fullest extent of the insurance proceeds.

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